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Meet Cubelets.

Robot blocks that help build better thinkers.

Young students building with Cubelets and LEGO

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Hands building Cubelets with Blockly Coding Screen

Brilliant tools.

Now ready for learning.

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Robots for every learner in every place.

Robot blocks for

Distance learning or hybrid classrooms in 2020 need one-to-one resources. Cubelets 1:1 gives every student what they need to complete a full unit of Cubelets-supported, standards-aligned, lessons. No coding required, but available if you want it.

Get amazing, exclusive savings with a set for everyone in your class to take home.

Cubelets included in 1 to 1

Activity Cards for every student.

Durable, high-quality Activity Cards help students explore robotics, design thinking, and more. Each card has a challenge printed on one side, and a set of helpful tips on the back. Each challenge has a difficultly rating making them perfect for beginners and experts alike.

Perfect for productive screen-free breaks! We could all use one.

Cubelets Activity Cards

Grade-banded, standards-aligned

You’ve got enough on your plate. These lessons are built by educators for educators to help you teach without the added challenge of becoming a robotics expert.

Bound in a beautiful book. Making life just a bit easier!

Get amazing, exclusive

The new normal is anything but normal. Cubelets 1:1 is designed to help you get the resources you need for less. We’re digging deep to deliver over $90 in savings for every student.

Get the robots you need for less!

By invitation only.

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Cubelets robot blocks are designed and supported by Modular Robotics Incorporated. Boulder, CO USA. Copyright 2020.

Learn more at modrobotics.com

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Cubelets 1:1


Save over $90 with a special access code.
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Cubelets 1:1 gives every learner the resources they need. Explore robotics, STEM, and other critical thinking skills with these playful robot blocks.

Designed for the needs of one-to-one learning environments, each student set includes:

  • 9 x Cubelets robot blocks
  • Activity Cards
  • Flashlight

I want to learn at home with robots!

I want robots for my class!